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Just Thought I'd Share...

Hey Everybody,
I've been a member of LJ for a few months now and have to admit I love everything about it, unfortunately I dont have much time to frollic in LJ land as much as I would like to, however one of my favorite things to do on here is post in the Long Haired Guys community lol.
I am such a fan of Long hair on both men and women because growing up it was all I really seen on both genders. So naturally when I search through LJ communities, the first ones that grab my attention are the ones filled with al the beautiful long haired people :)
Anyway a while back a friend seen the communities and suggested I make a post of "Long Haired Native Men" in the Long Haired Guys community, so I did. The first post was met with so much success that many of the members emailed me and requested a second post. Seeing as how I aim to please I made another post and it was met with the same responce as the first, so naturally a third was to follow.
Since then, Ive joined more Long Hair communities and see quite a few members of the Long Haired Guys communities in the other communities, but also some more new and interesting faces. A friend from the long Haired Guys community suggested I repost some of the posts I made in the Long Haired Guys community(This is getting tiresome to type lol) in these communities. I thought it would be a great idea to share them, however I wanted to get the moderators and members consent first, if thats allright with you all.
So yeah, I'm more then willing to share these posts given the moderators and majority grant me permission. I find that these posts are also a good way to gain new and interesting people to add to my friend list :)
Anyway I look forward to your replies and await to see yoru answers. thanks for your time.


You all have very beautiful hair!

***This post has been cross posted to other Long Hair communities***
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