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As promised - Long to Buzzed-Undercut Bob

Meet Miss LinSiSi.

As I've said many times before - bobs are my all time favorite style. Whenever I see a girl with bobbed hair and just a touch of buzzed nape peaking out, I always wonder just how high up the buzzed area goes. I'm sure that 99% of the time it is just a few mm - but maybe, just maybe, the girl has a secret high underbuzz!

This was the inspiration for my new models. As a VIP Member of 51hair, I asked Nimuda to find me a model willing to agree to such a style. To carry off this secret underbuzz, the model's hair must be very thick.

Nimuda was as helpful as ever and found me TWO such models!!! Miss LinSiSi is the first - a simply STUNNING makeover:

I Posted just eight of the 60+ stunning pictures - all soon to be available to VIP Members of 51hair. I don't know about you but I find the last of the eight pictures incredibly erotic.

Brought to you by 51hair - where else!
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Do you guys do anything other than that hairstyle?
Check out my Journal and answer your own question. With respect - at least I'm Posting here - and not many others are.
I wasn't being a dickhead, lol.. I was just curious.
Cool - sorry if I was a bit tetchy. So do you just like long hair or do long-to-short makeovers appeal? If so, what styles.

Okay, I looked at the journal and all I see are beautiful asian women with heads once filled with long beautiful asian hair.. and now cut to a bob which looks somewhat unattractive on some of them.

Just my opinion.
That's cool too. I guess I thought that I may be struggling to find fans in this Journal - but you never know!
It looks freakin' hot on some of them, though... just to let you know.

But, yeah.. it's not a good idea to post some of this stuff on a long haired fetish community. lol. Some of those women had awesome long hair.

I'm going to add you as a friend, is that cool?
Very cool! I Post on Communities like this to "push boundaries", if you get my drift. Often you find someone with a pre-conception of what they like - then they find something that surprises them!
I totally understand. :)