A woman of dubious and questionable memory (shigella) wrote in longhairfetish,
A woman of dubious and questionable memory


Hello! I joined recently and decided I should post something to introduce myself. I'm a longhaired girl with no intention of cutting my locks. My hair is just past my rear end and still growing. I'm 30 and happily married to a bald man. Together, we're the long and the short of it.

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are u a dude?
No, just small-breasted. But thanks for the vote of confidence.
sorry i didnt read your profile earlier im sorry if i offended you in an yways....::hugs:: apology accepted???
Haha! No offense taken. If I look like a dude, I hope he's a hot one. Apology accepted. :)
thanks :)
how do you get it so straight?
It's naturally very straight. The wavy-hair photo was taken after it was braided all day. My hair doesn't like to hold curl at all, which can be annoying sometimes.
my hair is the SAME WAY. they spent 3 hours curling it for my sister's wedding, and it was gone within 20 minutes. ha.
ahhh the irony, marrying a bald man...

p.s. - beautiful hair
Those photos you postd show some really beautiful hair and it really makes you a very beautiful woman.. dont cut those hair ever...
Beautiful photos, but only two of them still appear...